about sarah

Hello! If you’re reading this section, you want to know a little bit about Sarah (me). And, because I’m a Leo, I want to tell you all about me!

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I grew up traveling; my parents had me on my first cross-country flight at age 1. When I was 8, a flight attendant on a long haul between Germany and the US gave me the paper flight map; to this day it hangs over my desk as a reminder of the powerful connections that result from travel.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an architect. After graduating from Miami University, I moved to Scotland to pursue a masters in Classical Archaeology & Ancient History.

A family vacation on a Lindblad Expeditions ship in Alaska opened my eyes to a new world. I went to work for Lindblad, on board the ships, for three years.

I find the world fascinating. I collect old maps/globes, and read the news every morning over coffee. When I discovered that my passion was a mixture of travel and education, I booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand, threw my computer and camera in a bag, and set off to solo road trip across NZ, Australia, and Asia. 9 countries, 19 months, and 163gb of photos later, I returned home.

To me, travel opens doors you never knew were there and opens your eyes to the many threads that make up your life.

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Queenstown, New Zealand is a snowbird's playground and a summer hiker's haven. It lies in an absolutely stunning spot at the top of Lake Wakatipu on New Zealand's South Island.

About Sarah

I’m the oldest of three, but you’d never know it by looking at us. My younger brothers are both taller and bigger, but neither of them has the same love of travel as I do. I like to think that I got all the adventure genes in the family. In fact, since I just did the 23andme DNA tests, it turns out that travel really is in my blood.

While growing up, I always wanted to be an architect. I built Lego houses – never anything very creative – and drew plans for my dream house. While elaborate, it definitely wouldn’t have won any Architectural Digest awards. I attended Miami University for Interior Design, planning to pursue a Masters of Architecture after graduation. I spent three semesters abroad while there and began infusing my life with global culture.

Instead of applying for architecture programs, I went to Scotland for a year. I attended the University of Glasgow and got a Masters in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. The plan was to get a degree in Architecture after that, but fate intervened.

Several whirlwind trips later, I realised that I preferred travelling. I applied to work onboard the Lindblad Expeditions ships. I was with them for three years, travelling the Pacific coast from Glacier Bay, Alaska to Seattle, the Columbia River, and from Costa Rica to Colon, Panama.

Through Lindblad, I worked with and met absolutely amazing people. Some of those became lifelong friends and future business connections who have helped me realise this dream. (That’s me with my arms up in the air, watching one of the Tracy Arm fjord glaciers calve.)

Living Abroad in New Zealand

When I knew my time at Lindblad was coming to an end, I applied for the one-year Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand. My parents took us to NZ when I was nine, pulling us from school to enrich our education in a different way. I remember being awed at the country, head over heels for this land at the edge of the map. It took me quite a bit of time, but I finally made it back.

New Zealand holds such a special place in my heart, and I want to share that with you. From Wellington to the Bay of Islands and Cape Reinga on the North Island, then from Cape Farewell to Slope Point, and Stewart Island, I literally saw every single part of the country.

I bought a car (well, two actually, but that’s a different story) and drove to the end of many different roads; I drove down every major highway and many of the small ones. I saw two oceans meeting in the morning, yellow-eyed penguins at sunset, and everything else in between.

Around the World

Following one year in New Zealand, I took the long way home, stopping in Australia, Bali, and a few other incredible places. I financed this trip by freelance writing. If you’ve ever wondered how good noodles are after about seven days of eating the same thing, ask me. I know.

However, I took the opportunity to do some once-in-a-lifetime adventures, like scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, visiting the UNESCO-listed rice terraces in Bali, and wandering the narrow UNESCO heritage streets of Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. If any of these are on your bucket list, let’s chat. I love sharing my own personal travel as I believe that it’s just as  important for you to get to know me as it is for me to get to know you.

Building a business takes determination and passion. I like to think I have both.

I believe in going to the end of the road. In experiencing the unknown in order to realise the known.

I’m determined to create the very best custom itinerary for you, sharing my passion for travel that literally infuses every single aspect of my life (I even have a map tattoo!). I’m very excited to be a luxury travel advisor, helping you realise your travel dreams, so please get in touch with me!